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Landowners along Twelve Mile Creek are invited to become stewards of the creek, joining a community of property owners who are working together to improve and protect the watershed.

The Healthy Twelve Mile Creek project acknowledges the important contribution of private landowners and provides the following resources and tools to assist in your efforts to become even better stewards of this shared stream.

Mapping Tools

Find Your Property in the Watershed

To find out if you’re eligible to participate in the Healthy Twelve Mile Creek program, click the link below to search whether your property falls within our project boundaries or email our team at

Any personal information inputted into the mapping tools will not be collected or shared by TUC. If you have any questions, contact us through our website, email, or social media accounts.


TUC Online Mapping Database

For TUC Niagara’s team and partners, click the link below to access our online mapping database. Contact our team for more information on how to access our research and data.

Stay tuned - this section is being updated

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