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May 4th Launch and Outreach Event a Success!

On May 4th, 2019, the Healthy Twelve Mile Creek pilot project was launched at Lookout Point Country Club in Fonthill, Ontario with speakers from local environmental organizations, municipalities, regions, and Trout Unlimited Canada. For this project, over 40 attendees and landowners from across the Niagara region came out in support of this new and impactful initiative.

Thanks to the grant with OTF, our work will include site visits with landowners, the creation of a restoration plan, and the completion of restoration work on three landowner properties this summer. If successful, our project will be eligible for the Grow Grant with OTF, which may offer up to three years of funding to complete restoration work with many more landowners, greatly benefiting the health of the community and the watershed as a whole.

Thank you to everyone in attendance!

Event Speakers and TUC Niagara Executives


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